All digital audio can make you healthier. You are one step away from making it happen.

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Why Cymatrax?

It’s absolutely logical and surprising no one has ever thought of this.

Neurobiology Chair, UAB

  • White Noise Puts You to Sleep

    You know people that listen to white noise to go to sleep. White noise is found in all digital audio. With a reduction of the white noise volume in recordings your concentration and energy levels are raised for greater cognitive ability.

  • Former NASA Engineer

    “Having this remarkable quality audio enhanced the ability of our listeners to hear the materials.” C.C. Culver, international speaker Leadership ,Management, Organization, Systems Engineering and Space Exploration.

  • Music Recording Studios

    “I had so much energy, I felt like I could dance all night long. (My own master) was murky and put me to sleep. Every recording studio on the world needs to be using this!” claims one Grammy Hall of Fame Member.

  • Audio fidelity at its finest.

    Cymatrax combines vibrational frequency, world-class sound engineering in a patented system, enabling , less stress , more energy and a higher cognitive ability of the brain from any digital audio file.

  • Podcasters

    Reap rewards of longer engagement, increased audiences and higher subscriptions with frequency based delivery of digital audio in a process called “Optimized Signal Transduction.”

  • Online education

    Retention is significantly raised with the Cymatrax patented technology, which will raise a student’s GPA as well as so higher success in teaching success from all online teaching educational entities.